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John Forrest . Filmmaker . Director .

My film looks at the question 'where is truth now?'

There are many facets - from fake news to Father Christmas 

I'm meeting lots of people, asking them the question

The work will grow here in short 3-4 minute sections

I hope you'll be surprised, entertained and most of all interested

Research and material collection began in 2015. The website in July 2019.

It is a good will, non-commercial enterprise

Use the short videos as you wish, but please don't embed them without asking first. 


I hope they add to the discussion.

There is more to come. Please keep visiting. Watch this space.


You may have been directed to this web site subsequent to being filmed by me in the street or at a conference or event.


If so, thank you for your cooperation and for this visit now.

I am approaching many people in many places and inviting them to talk to me about 'truth'.

The intention is to create a film which will help to understand something.

I am not sure what the eventual outcome will be as much will depend on responses I capture.

I'll make observations from time to time. Please let me have yours via contact page if you would like to be in touch.

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